The Business Birder®

Tall Tales

What about Bob? (Adirondack Park, June 2011) (under construction)

Bucket List Minus One (Florida Keys & Dry Tortugas, April 2011) (under construction)

Road Trip! Discovery's Last Ride (Florida, February 2011) (under construction)

Mooseless in Millinocket (Maine, June 2010) (under construction)

The Black Flies of Baxter (New Hampshire & Maine, June 2008) (under construction)

HummerFest 2007 (SE Arizona, August 2007) (under construction)

The Other Side of the Rockies (Utah, Idaho, Montana, & Wyoming, May-June 2007) (under construction)

The Year of the Sparrow 2006

Forty-niner! (Arkansas, December 2006) (under construction)

Space Coast Birding (Florida, December 2006) (under construction)

Northeast Scouting (Rhode Island, Connecticut, Montauk Point, & Mt. Washington, August 2006) (under construction)

Remedial Birding (Colorado & North Dakota, July 2006) (under construction)

Midwestern Adventures (MI, IN, WI, IA, IL, & MO, June-July 2006) (under construction)

The Grudge Bird

Where Deer and Antelope Play (Grasslands, Badlands & Rocky Mountains, May 2006) (under construction)

High Plains Birder (Colorado, Oklahoma, & Kansas: Grasslands & Mountains, April 2006) (under construction)

I Dreamed I was a Photographer (Upper Texas Coast: Sabine Woods to San Bernard NWR, April 2006) (under construction)

Miscellaneous Meanderings 2005 (under construction)

Mid-Atlantic Winter Brrrrding II (Sandy Hook to CBBT, December 2005) (under construction)

Hot! Damn Hot! (SE Arizona, August 2005) (under construction)

Western Sampler (UT, ID, MT, WY, and CO, August 2005) (under construction)

North to My Future (Alaska, June 2005)

Migratory Lollapolooza Spring 2005 (Gulf Coast, Stecoah Gap, and Blowing Rock CBC, April 2005) (under construction)

Know the Place for the First Time (Upper Texas Coast and Galveston's FeatherFest, April 2005) (under construction)

Mid-Atlantic Winter Brrrrding (Cape May, Ocean City, and Delaware, March 2005) (under construction)

Snowy Minnesota (St. Louis, Lake, and Aitkin Counties, February 2005) (under construction)

Sleepy in Seattle (Seattle Area and Whidbey Island, January 2005) (under construction)

Miscellaneous Meanderings 2004 (under construction)

2004 Big (???) Year Grand Finale (Duluth, MN, December 2004) (under construction)

Woodpeckermania 2004

Arizona Quickies (SE Arizona, August and September 2004) (under construction)

A Roll of the Dice (Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Las Vegas, August 2004) (under construction)

Waking up in Woodpecker Wonderland (Sisters, Oregon, Mt. Jefferson Wilderness Area, August 2004) (under construction)

Tree Hugging Owl Lover or Owl Hugging Tree Lover (Pt. Reyes, Central California, Monterey, and Yosemite, July 2004) (under construction)

Way Down East Again (Down East Spring Birding Festival, Cobscook Bay Area, ME, May 2004) (under construction)

Up with the Chickens (Central Platte River Valley and Rainwater Basin, May 2004) (under construction)

Warblers, Mini Coopers, Moon Pies, and the Donner Party (Fontana CBC, May 2004) 2004

MosquitoFest 2004 (Texas Gulf Coast, Galveston FeatherFest, April 2004) (under construction)

Southern California Dreamin' (San Diego and Salton Sea Birding Festivals 2004) (under construction)

Extreme Coastal Birding (NC/VA/SC Coast, Fall 2003) (under construction)

Bird Festival Groupie (San Diego, Salton Sea, Galveston, Cobscook Bay, Wings-over-Water, Harlingen RGV, Space Coast, 2003-04) (under construction)

Grande Festival (RGV Bird Festival, Harlingen, November 2003 and 2004) (under construction)

Miscellaneous Meanderings 2003 (under construction)

Confused Fall Birder (Western NC and West Virginia, Fall 2003)

Way Down East (Acadia NP, Maine to Campobello Island, August 2003)

Five-stripped Holiday (Southeastern Arizona, May 2003) (under construction)

MosquitoFest 2003 (Texas Gulf Coast, Galveston FeatherFest, April 2003) (under construction)

Coast to Coast (South Florida and San Diego Bird Festival, February 2003) (under construction)

Arizona Highways (October 2002)

Northwest Passage (Washington State, May - June 2002) (under construction)

Miscellaneous Meanderings 2002 (under construction)

The Business Birder Springs on the Texas Gulf Coast (Spring 2002)

Winter in Lubbock Redux (West Texas and Bosque del Apache, Winter 2002)

The Business Birder Goes Coastal (November 2001 - February 2002)

Fall Outing (or Falling Out) in Texas (October 2001)

The Business Birder Rides into Tombstone (August 2001) (coming soon)

Miscellaneous Meanderings 2001 (coming soon)

BIG Rio Grande Adventures (April - May 2001)

Wingtips on High Island (April 2001)

Going Home to Cedar Key (March 2001) (coming soon)

Return to Cape Cod (March 2001) (coming soon)

Forced Down in Lubbock (March 2001)

Search for Creluean Warblers (Blue Ridge Parkway, July 2000) (coming soon)

Blown Ashore on Cape Cod (April 2000) (coming soon)

The Business Birder Does High Island (April 2000)

In the Beginning (coming soon)

This is my online birding journal. A few of these articles have been cleaned up and published.
Most are not yet ready for prime time.
Those listed as 'Under Construction' may be complete and need more editing or are partially complete.

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